The Christian View magazine  
A ministry of Christian journalism...Shining the Light of Christ
Matthew 5:16

The Christian View magazine was founded by award-winning journalist and former newspaper Editor Karen Brewer. She is an alumna of Clemson University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English (American and British Literature) and Journalism (with additional studies in Constitutional law, political science, American history, world history, philosophy, astronomy, calculus, and three foreign languages) and a Master of Arts degree in English (American and British Literature).

For three years while a student at Clemson, from age 18 to age 21, she was employed by Clemson University's News Services and University Relations (Media Relations), where, as a student writer, she wrote Clemson University press releases sent to the news media, wrote articles about Clemson University for Clemson World magazine and other university publications, and wrote the script for a Clemson University television commercial about the university's history. 

Also while an undergraduate student at Clemson, she wrote for The Tiger, the university's weekly student newspaper, and she wrote about Clemson University's Strom Thurmond Institute for The Clemson Messenger, the Clemson area's community newspaper, and she co-founded with fellow journalism students and wrote articles for a free newsletter for Helping Hands of Clemson, an emergency shelter and home in the Clemson area for abused and neglected children. 

She was hired as Editor of The Pickens Sentinel, where, in addition to editorial responsibilities, she wrote several hundred news and feature stories each year. She reported on education, government, law enforcement, veterans, churches, non-profit community and charitable organizations, local festivals and other local events, and she wrote human interest features and sports features and much more. She also wrote a column, entitled Reflections, a first-person commentary on current events or personal observations, inspired by The Sentinel's then owner, Jerry Alexander, who penned a column entitled Well, I'll Declare. She received awards from the South Carolina Press Association for writing and photography (for breaking news reporting and for feature writing).

At the same time she worked as Editor of The Sentinel, she also worked as a stringer, reporting on political elections, for the Associated Press (AP), and she published church-related news in The Baptist Courier, and she was hired to write several historical-tourism articles about the Central area of Pickens County for several issues of  Sandlapper: The Magazine of South Carolina.

After Alexander sold The Sentinel and the newspaper's former General Manager, Don Hunt, passed away, she left to begin this Christian publication. Since its inception, this publication's symbols have been the cross and lighthouse, the theme has been 'Shining the light of Christ', and the theme verse has been Matthew 5:16. The mission is to use journalism to share good news and the Good News of the Gospel, to make a difference as a lighthouse shining the light of Christ. 

Although she is a member of a Southern Baptist church, having joined in 2001, and she has served with Pastors on the South Carolina Baptist Convention's Resolutions Committee, this magazine is not solely a Baptist publication, as it also includes other denominations within the Christian faith.

She is a Pickens County native, born in Easley, whose ancestor Cornelius Keith in 1743 was the first settler in Cherokee territory that is now Pickens County. (A native of Scotland, Keith moved with his family from Virginia and settled in what is now the Oolenoy area of Pickens County, trading one of his ponies for land from the native Cherokee Chief Woolenoy.)  Her ancestors also include Native Americans local to this area and other areas of the United States. Other of her ancestors (whose forebears included Native Americans as well as those who came to other parts of what is now the United States in the early 1600's from England, Scotland, and Ireland) came to South Carolina from other states and settled in what is now Pickens County or surrounding counties in the late 1700's. 

She has family ties throughout all of Pickens County, as well as neighboring Oconee County, as her maternal grandmother was born in Jocassee Valley, which is now inundated with the waters of Lake Jocassee, and her grandmother’s parents owned nearly 500 acres in Jocassee Valley before Lake Jocassee was formed. Although she did not know Jocassee Valley, she has fond childhood memories of time spent with her late maternal grandparents at their cabin her grandfather built at Lake Jocassee, as well as her grandparents’ home in her grandfather’s native Pickens. 

She believes in the inerrancy of the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, as God's inspired, infallible, Holy Word and the guide and moral compass for our lives. The principles she has always followed in her journalism career are the same principles she has always lived by: truth, integrity, and The Golden Rule.

In addition to all forms of writing, her interests also include visiting museums and historic sites across the country and in other countries, conducting genealogy research and history research, hiking, and nature photography.

She may be reached at