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This ministry's evangelistic mission is made possible through financial contributions of donations and advertising sponsors.


Thank you for your interest in advertising with The Christian View magazine and supporting this ministry of Christian journalism.

The Christian View magazine is based in the Upstate of South Carolina and is locally and independently owned and operated.

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The Christian View magazine seeks advertising sponsors who exemplify principles that are valued and shared by this magazine and its Publisher, including honesty, integrity, kindness, and respectfulness.

The Christian View
magazine supports the community by choosing to offer affordable advertising and free articles, as this magazine is a witnessing tool for the Lord Jesus Christ, ministering to readers through encouragement and sharing the Gospel and supporting Christian ministries and organizations.

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The Christian View magazine offers an investment in an advertiser's business, organization, or ministry as well as an investment in this ministry and an investment in our local community and beyond for the kingdom of God.

Each advertisement may be updated, if desired, at no additional cost, and may include photographs, audio, and/or video, if desired. Advertisers may also choose instead to link directly to their website in place of a full-page ad.

The advertising rate for non-profit ministries that wish to advertise is not the business advertising rate but rather a low, further discounted rate, as another way that The Christian View magazine chooses to support other ministries.

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contact the Publisher, including your name, telephone number, and e-mail address.

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