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The Holly Springs Center

The Holly Springs Center has opened in the former Holly Springs Elementary School. The Christian View magazine was present for the dedication ceremony and tree planting on Saturday, June 10, 2017. Click here to read The Christian View magazine's in-depth article and to view 50 photographs.

The Hagood Community Center/The Pickens Senior Center

Take a photographic tour of the Pickens Senior Center, led by Lucy Harward. The Christian View magazine was present for a special ceremony honoring Harward as Quilter of the Year by the Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail. Prior to the ceremony, Harward led The Christian View on a tour of the Senior Center. Click here to read the article and view all of the photographs.

Click here to read about 'Yards of Yarn', a show about textile mills, at the Hagood Community Center auditorium.

More to come ...