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To inquire about becoming a sponsor and making an investment in your business or organization while also making a spiritual investment in our community, contact Sponsor@TheChristianViewMagazine.comThe Christian View magazine has longtime sponsors who are exemplary representatives for this magazine and who exemplify principles valued and shared by this magazine and its Publisher, including honesty, integrity, kindness, and respectfulness. The Christian View magazine seeks additional sponsors who also exemplify these qualities. All proceeds from sponsorships support and help finance the work and ministry of Christian journalism. The Christian View magazine extends appreciation to the sponsors for caring about our community and supporting Christian journalism.

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Subscribers may contact to request, for personal use, digital photographs of themselves or their children taken by The Christian View magazine. Rather than charging for such photographs, which is the customary practice for any publication, The Christian View magazine wishes to offer this service FREE of charge to subscribers. 

Links to this website are permitted. However, before a photograph may be printed or posted online in other news media, or on another website, or on a public social media page, please request prior written permission from the photographer, and give photo credit to the photographer.

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Any individuals or organizations that The Christian View magazine has published articles about are welcome to print or post online or otherwise share the article or an excerpt from the article, if they wish. Others may reprint articles or excerpts of articles with prior written permission from the author. Please give attribution to the author and to The Christian View magazine, and include a link to this website.

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In addition, any article or excerpt of any article or link or any reference to this magazine may be used only by likeminded individuals or organizations and not by any individual or organization that is against Christianity (including the atheist organization The Freedom From Religion Foundation, which has, without permission, used article excerpts and reference to The Christian View magazine for its own purposes).

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