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Hope Women's Center

The Christian View magazine interviews Dr. Dave Sandridge, a former abortion provider who became pro-life and a board member for Hope Women's Center, a Christian-based crisis pregnancy center in Pickens County, South Carolina. Click here to read Hope Can Change Hearts.

Members of Pickens County ABATE and Freedom Biker Church brought much needed donated baby items to Hope Women's Center, a pro-life crisis pregnancy center in Easley. Click here  to read The Christian View magazine's article and view 60 photos from the 2018 'Run for the Younguns'. 

Click here to view The Christian View magazine's photographs from the 2018 Hope Women's Centers' Walk for Life fundraiser, held at the outdoor walking track at Rock Springs Baptist Church in Easley on Saturday, October 6, 2018.

Click here to view The Christian View magazine's photographs from a previous year's Hope Women's Center's Walk for Life fundraiser.

Perinatal Comfort Care

Stephanie Bagwell shares with The Christian View magazine the experiences that she and her husband had with Perinatal Comfort Care, founded by Tammy Tate, and their decision not to abort their unborn son, despite the diagnosis of Trisomy 13. Click here to read: Levi's Story.
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