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Brenda Atkinson with her twin sister, Linda

Brenda Atkinson

Brenda Atkinson shares about her life and how her Christian faith has sustained her. Click here to read: Faith.

Michael and Deanne Barnes, Tucker, Griffin, and Riley

Griffin Barnes

The Christian View magazine interviews Michael and Deanne Barnes, who share how they relied on their faith and fellow believers' prayers during the time their son spent in the hospital. Griffin had been diagnosed as having an abnormal collection of blood vessels called arterio-venous malformation (AVM), which had become weakened and ruptured. He needed immediate surgery and was flown by helicopter to Emory Children's Hospital (Egleston) in Atlanta, where he was in intensive care for nearly three weeks, in a drug-induced coma until his brain stopped swelling, before the surgery. Click here to read: Griffin Barnes: God is Faithful.

Clif and Julie Caldwell, Sydney, Sally, Harrison, Hudson

Julie Caldwell

Julie Caldwell shares about her life and the importance of keeping focused on Jesus Christ through the storms of life. Click here to read: Keep Focused on the Lord Through the Storms.

Historic McKinney Chapel

                                               Georgia Chapman

The old-fashioned Christmas pageant at McKinney Chapel, which always focuses on the true meaning of Christmas, was more meaningful in 2016 for, just a few months ago, organizer Georgia Chapman was very ill and not expected to live. She has organized the annual program at the small historic church in Sunset, north of Pickens, South Carolina in the Eastatoee Valley, since the Christmas program began in 1982. Click here to read The Christian View magazine's article and to view a photo slideshow.

Andy and Mickie Ellis, daughter Anna and son Jesse, Andy's parents, Mollie and Olin,
Andy's sister, Linda, and niece, Jessica

Andy Ellis

The Christian View magazine interviews Andy Ellis, who suffered extensive burn injuries in an automobile accident and was given a three percent chance of survival. Andy went through 65 operations for reconstruction on his face. "I hate to see some people with disabilities give up," he said. "One of the most important things, I believe, in life is to always do your best. It may not be good enough, but, as long as you’ve done your best, you can have peace of mind. I believe that peace of mind is half the battle in life."  Click here to read: Burned 'Beyond Recognition' : The Courage of Andy Ellis.

Tommy and Amy Epting, Thomas, Josh, and Zack

Thomas Epting

The Christian View magazine interviews Amy Epting, who shares about her late son, Thomas, age 16, who never lost his faith through his battle with leukemia.  Click here to read: Thomas Epting: A Perfect Faith.

Sandy Fisher with her sister, Joann

Sandy Fisher

Sandy Fisher shares about the death of her sister, Joann, who was killed instantly in a car accident, and how seventeen people came to salvation at Joann's funeral.  Click here to read: In Memory of My Sister.

Scott and Connie Hoffman, Hannah and Samuel

Scott and Connie Hoffman

The Christian View magazine interviews Scott and Connie Hoffman, who share about their adoption of a son and daughter from Russia.  Click here to read: From Russia, With Love.

Mike and Fran King

Mike and Fran King

The Christian View magazine interviews Mike and Fran King, who share how their Christian faith sustained them through Mike's health problems and as they awaited a heart transplant.  Click here to read: Mike and Fran King: The Heart of the Matter.

Becky Kirby

Becky Kirby

Becky Kirby shares about the passing of her husband, Rick Kirby, from injuries resulting from an automobile accident. Rick had served as Minister of Music at Liberty First Baptist Church, Reedy River Baptist Church, and Rock Springs Baptist Church before being called to Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Fountain Inn. "When you go through a storm," Becky said, "and the Holy Spirit ministers to you, and people minister to you, and you make it through, one day, the Lord is going to put somebody in your path who is going through the same thing you went through, and you’re going to be able to minister to them."  Click here to read: Becky Kirby: Jesus is the Reason.
Joe and Carolyn Lesley's daughters, Carol Jo Baumgarner and Julie Ellison, and a grandson, Taylor Baumgarner, at the prayer chain for Joe Lesley, owner of Joe's Ice Cream Parlor in Easley since 1972.

                          A Prayer Chain for Joe Lesley

Joe's Ice Cream Parlor in Easley was standing room only the afternoon of Sunday, July 9, 2017, as hundreds gathered for the purpose of praying fervently on behalf of their friend for healing from cancer.

Click here to read The Christian View magazine's in-depth article and to view photos

                          In Memory of Easley Icon Joe Lesley: 
                         Celebration of Life Service Pays Tribute

Click here to read The Christian View magazine's in-depth article on the Celebration of Life service at Easley First Baptist Church honoring the life and legacy of Joe Lesley, owner of Joe's Ice Cream Parlor in Easley since 1972.

Maxine and Bob Long

Bob Long

The Christian View magazine interviews Bob and Maxine Long, who share about Bob's struggle with cancer and his testimony of salvation.  Click here to read: An Answer to Prayer: Bob Long Shares His Testimony of Salvation and Battle with Cancer.

Elizabeth Luter

Elizabeth Luter

The Christian View magazine interviews Elizabeth Luter, wife of Dr. Fred Luter, Pastor of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church of New Orleans, Louisiana.  Elizabeth Luter shares about when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and members of their church were scattered across the country. Click here to read: Elizabeth Luter: After the Storm.

Calvin and Faye Ramsey

Calvin and Faye Ramsey

Joan Porter writes an article for The Christian View magazine about Calvin and Faye Ramsey and how their Christian faith has seen them through tragedies, including extensive injuries from a car accident.  Click here to read: Calvin and Faye Ramsey: Truth Faith and Faithfulness.

Tyler Stroud with parents Chris and Tisha

Tyler Stroud

The Christian View magazine interviews Tisha Stroud and her son, Tyler, who was born prematurely at two pounds six ounces and who was diagnosed with a brain bleed on his left side and cerebral palsy on his right side. Tyler was also diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), a name which means ‘bone that is imperfectly made from the beginning of life.’ OI is a genetic disorder commonly called ‘brittle bone disease.’ "The doctors told me that he would never talk, that he would never walk, that he would never do anything but be a 'vegetable,' but only God knows what is going to happen with my child," said Tisha.  Click here to read: Tyler Stroud: An Inspiration to All

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