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Make America Great Again, God's Way! Rally Is Held in Liberty,
With a Message by Dr. David Gallamore, Music by Abishai and The Inspirations
By Karen Brewer

Make America Great Again, God’s Way!’ was the theme for a community rally featuring Gospel and patriotic music by Abishai (from Pickens, South Carolina) and The Inspirations (from Bryson City, North Carolina) and a message by Dr. David Gallamore, Pastor of Rock Springs Baptist Church in Easley. The event was held in the Pickens County Performing Arts Center in Liberty the evening of Tuesday, November 14, 2017.

The service began with Matt Dibler, of The Inspirations, leading the audience in singing “When We All Get to Heaven,” as Mark Dibler, of Abishai, played the guitar.

Photograph by Karen Brewer, The Christian View magazine

Mark Dibler, of Abishai, plays guitar as Matt Dibler, of The Inspirations, leads the audience in singing "When We All Get to Heaven" during the Make America Great Again, God's Way! rally, held at the Pickens County Performing Arts Center in Liberty, South Carolina the evening of Tuesday, November 14, 2017.

Dan Alexander, in welcoming the crowd to the service, said, “We hope the Holy Spirit moves in and takes control of what we want to do tonight and glorify God. We just want to bring the community together.”

Liberty Mayor Eric Boughman also welcomed everyone to the service and explained how the event came about, that he and Pickens County Council Chair Roy Costner and County Council member Chris Bowers wanted to bring elected leaders and churches and the community together to have a time of prayer and thanksgiving. “We serve a risen Saviour,” he said. “We serve the King of kings and Lord of lords, and He deserves to be celebrated.” He said that Dan Alexander had also wanted to do something like this. “We got to working on it, talking about it, and everything came together. God worked it out perfectly, as He always does. What I hope comes out of this is I hope that we can start a revival from right here in this place and take it out and light this world on fire. The world tries to ‘stomp us down’ all the time, as Christians. And the fact of the matter is, we have the greatest news of all, and we need to get out and start sharing that news. And that’s what I hope comes out of this tonight. I just pray for God to move, for His Holy Spirit to have freedom of reign in this place, and we leave here with renewed vigor and passion to get out to this lost and dying world.”

Boughman then asked for Pastors in the audience to stand and be recognized, and then elected officials to stand and be recognized. “We have Senator Rex Rice here. We have Davey Hiott here. We have County Council here. We’ve got some City Council here. We’ve got the Mayor-elect of Liberty here. I appreciate all of those folks being here, our Pastors, our churches, our community for coming together tonight, and I’m looking forward to what the Lord is going to do.”

He then opened the service in prayer and introduced Abishai (Rebecca Dibler Roper, Mark Dibler, Deborah Dibler Cole, and Taylor Cole).

Photograph by Karen Brewer, The Christian View magazine

Dan Alexander

Photograph by Karen Brewer, The Christian View magazine

Liberty Mayor Eric Boughman

Roper asked for all veterans and first responders in the audience to stand and be recognized, and the group sang the national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and a second song, “It’s About the Cross.”  She then introduced the third song, written by her uncle, Matt Dibler of The Inspirations. “It’s very fitting for this theme about America and Christ and Calvary,” she said. “I want you to listen very carefully to the words. I thank God for America, and I thank God for Calvary.”

Photograph by Karen Brewer, The Christian View magazine

Taylor Cole plays the cajon as Mark Dibler, Rebecca Dibler Roper, and Deborah Dibler Cole sing a selection of Gospel and patriotic songs as the Gospel group Abishai of Pickens, South Carolina.

All photographs by Karen Brewer, The Christian View magazine

Boughman then introduced The Inspirations, who sang “Jesus is Coming Soon,” “Thank God for Preachers,” “Two Shoes,” and “I Am So Blessed.”

“America has been blessed,” said Inspirations founding member Archie Watkins. “And I’m glad to be an American. But I’m glad, most of all, that I know the Lord. I know that I know that I know that I’m washed in the blood of the Lamb. It’s an honor to be here tonight. We just want to uplift the Lord and brag on Jesus. That’s what we’ve been doing for 53 years, and God has honored His word. He said He would. It’s good to be able to say I know the Lord. But one day, He’s going to stand and say, ‘I know him.’ Isn’t that going to be great?”

The Inspirations then sang “I Know Him, He Knows Me.”

Photograph by Karen Brewer, The Christian View magazine

The Inspirations Quartet: Archie Watkins, Eddie Deitz, Matt Dibler, and John David Williams

“I am proud that I was born an American,” said Rev. Eddie Deitz of The Inspirations. “I'm proud that I was born in the East Fork community of the little mountain town of Sylva, North Carolina. When I was just a small boy, in September on a Thursday night in 1957, the Holy Spirit enlightened my heart that I was lost and separated from God. That night, an old-fashioned preacher told me about the love of Jesus, how Jesus had paid my price if I gave my life to Him. I gave my heart to the Lord Jesus Christ and made Him Lord. That was 60 years ago, and He walks
with me still today. I praise Him, and I thank Him, and it’s a joy and a privilege for us to be here tonight and sing and testify during this great service.”

Deitz then introduced The Inspirations quartet’s lead singer, Matt Dibler, who serves as Minister of Music at Calvary Baptist Church in Statham, Georgia. “He’s one of the finest young men, also a preacher,” said Deitz.

“It is a joy to be a part of this great event,” said Dibler. “I appreciate everybody here, the Councilmen, all those that are the elected officials and all the Pastors, what a blessing. Really, we ought to have a house full of Pastors, and deacons, and members of churches. This ought to be overflowing, because this right here is what America was founded on, and I’m thankful to be a part of this great meeting. Didn’t Abishai do a great job?” He then mentioned Mayor Boughman. “That prayer was outstanding.

“I’m looking forward to brother David Gallamore bringing the Word of God,” he said. “I prayed for him this morning, as we were praying about the meeting, and prayed for all these councilmen and all these other folks that are a part of this.

“Most of all, I’m glad I met the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour when I was eight years old. I can’t say that I’ve always been everything that I promised I would be, but I can tell you He’s been everything He promised He would be. And I say this, after all these years, God is faithful, and I’m so thankful for His faithfulness.

“It’s an honor today to have my son-in-law filling in on the bass singing part. He does a great job, and I appreciate him. He’s a great, fine young man. One of the greatest things he’s ever done is give me a granddaughter. I appreciate him. I’m proud of all that he does. He’s been a blessing. He’s not only a son-in-law. He’s a friend, and I consider him a great friend, and I appreciate him. This is John David Williams."

“I appreciate the opportunity to sing with these guys,” said Williams, “but, most of all, I appreciate the opportunity the Lord gives us to share His word. I was saved at the age of 12 years old. I grew up in a Christian home. My Dad was a Pastor all my life. I didn’t really realize until I was 12 years old that I really needed a Saviour. I heard it all my life. But one night, I’m thankful that the Lord put my heart under conviction, and He drew me to Him. And I’m thankful tonight that He saved my soul and that He pulled me out of hell, and I don’t have to face that death that so many are headed toward today. I appreciate the opportunity.”

The Inspirations then sang “God’s Word Will Stand” and “What a Day That Will Be.”

“Here’s a song that came to us last year,” said Dibler. “It really touched my heart, and especially with the current events. There are a lot of things taking place that, honestly, I walk away and shake my head. I just can’t figure it out. I can’t understand how we, as America, got to the place where we are. And people, in my opinion, are taking a knee when we ought to be taking a stand, and we’re taking a stand when we ought to be taking to our knees. We ought to be praying. I just don’t quite understand how we got it all the way it is. I love America. I want to say that again. I love America. I love our veterans, and I thank God for all those who fought for our country and freedom. I’m thankful for that. But this isn’t the America I was born in. It changed somewhere along the line. And if God’s people don’t start praying again, I believe we’re on the tail end of a generation that lost one of the greatest assets to America, and that was praying mothers. We’re in that generation that doesn’t have them like they used to have them. I challenge folks tonight: pray, pray, pray, because our generations ahead are planning on it. They’re banking on us giving them some kind of a future, and it’s only on our knees, folks, praying for our great country. This one is a great song. It says ‘We Are Christians.’ I don’t believe that the other side in this day and time has a lot more people. I think that they just have bigger mouths. God never called us to be quiet. God never called us to take the back seat. We’re the ones that serve a risen Saviour. This song says, ‘We Are Christians, and We Are Not Ashamed.’”

Following that song, The Inspirations sang “I’m Not Ashamed.”

Slideshow photographs below of The Inspirations by Karen Brewer, The Christian View magazine

“What an honor to be a part of this great service,” said Dibler. “We love to sing Gospel music. We travel all across this country singing those same songs, everywhere we go, but we’ll be the first to tell you that the most important part of any service is the preaching of God’s Word. We are honored to be a part of this and looking forward greatly to the message from God’s man from God’s Word. Welcome back the Mayor at this time.”

Boughman then introduced Dr. David Gallamore, Pastor of Rock Springs Baptist Church and his Pastor of the past 14 years.

“Thank you, Mayor, and all these men and women, all elected officials that are here,” said Gallamore. “I’m proud to be here, and I’m grateful these officials are here. If America is going to turn around -- we know it’s going to happen because of revival -- but we do need men and women who are not ashamed to get into public office and not be ashamed to live for the Lord Jesus Christ.”

He then opened in prayer and preached a message from I Peter 2 entitled, ‘The Marks of Christian Citizenship.’

Photograph by Karen Brewer, The Christian View magazine

Dr. David Gallamore, Pastor of Rock Springs Baptist Church in Easley, who delivered the message for the Make America Great Again, God's Way! rally in Liberty.

“I am a loyal, red-blooded, flag-waving, patriotic American that loves this country,” he said. “I still get moved when we sing “The Star Spangled Banner.” It still gives me a lump in my throat when I see Old Glory pass by. We ought to stand up for that flag, because that flag represents something -- the men and the women who paid the price, that you and I may do exactly what we’re doing here tonight, standing up for the Lord Jesus. We’ve got our failures. We’ve got our faults. We’ve had our disappointments. But America is still the greatest country on the face of this earth. And I, for one, am glad I live in America. And for
those groups who dislike it so much, let’s take up an offering and let them get a one-way ticket to go somewhere else. I’m glad I live in the United States of America.

“The Bible gives us Christians some demands that we as God’s children and as citizens of America ought to live by. The world demands, desires, and deserves to see something different in my life and your life. If I claim to be saved, that means I’ve been changed by the grace of God, God’s done something in my life, and they ought to see a difference in my life. We need to proclaim the good news, what the Bible says, because everything in this blessed Book is absolutely 100 percent the truth of the word of God. We need to get informed, and then we need to live like we’ve been saved.

“Mark number one, the mark of Christian citizenship, is this. I see in verses number 11 and 12 what I call ‘the requirement.’ Now look at what he said, ‘Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims’ -- you see, if you’re saved, you’re just living down here for a little while. My eternal home is in heaven with the Lord Jesus Christ. But he said, ‘Abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul.’ First of all, there is the renunciation in this character. The Bible says if you’re saved, we ought to aspire to live a righteous, godly life. A child of God is to live a clean and a pure life.

“The devil does not like a nation that fears God. The devil doesn’t like a church that sings the songs of Zion and preaches the infallible word of God. And the devil despises a person that says, ‘I’m going to live for God, come what may, I’m going to stand up for the Lord Jesus Christ.’

“There is a battle going on, and we’ve got to get prepared for that battle. We’ve got to renounce what is wrong and embrace that which is right.

“We need some leaders on City Council, and County Council, in state government, and national government, that will stand up for what’s right and stand against what is wrong.

“When you and I have the privilege and the liberty that we have, to live in America, and then to be blood-bought, blood-born, children of God, there ought to be something in you and in me that makes a difference.

“They tell me about those old-fashioned tent meetings. And they tell me men like Dr. Oliver Greene would go and erect his tent, and he would preach, and people would get saved, and, when he left town, the beer joints would close up, and the saloons would close down, because the people that were in the churches, when they got saved and got right with God, they had no need for a foreign substance anymore. They had ‘gotten under the spout where the glory comes out’, and God had done something for them and changed their life.

“Our nation is a nation that exists because of the character of her people. A long time ago, it was said, ‘America is great, because America is good, and, if America ever ceases to be good, then America will cease to be great.’ Can I say, America is on the verge of losing our greatness, because America is on the verge of losing her goodness.

“America is great, because America’s character has always risen above. And, when these other countries in the world were awed at the power of America, it wasn’t our military strength, as much as I stand behind that and think we ought to have a strong offense and a strong defense, military wise. But I’ll tell you what was the key to America’s greatness: America’s God. And, when they knew we trusted in the living, resurrected Lord Jesus Christ, even though they didn’t know Him, they knew there was something different about this land called America.

Photograph by Karen Brewer, The Christian View magazine

“There is the renunciation in this character, and there is the responsibility in this character. If a nation loses its character, it loses its ability to act responsibly, and, when that nation refuses to act responsibly, that nation begins to lose its liberty. That old flag that we stand and give allegiance to, those patriotic songs that we sing, they ought to mean something to us. We didn’t get where we are by accident. We didn’t get here by what we did. We got here by what Jesus did and what He did in the hearts of men and women who had fought and bled and died, that we may enjoy the freedoms that we have, and God help us to be responsible enough to keep them. If we ever lose our responsibility, we’ll lose our character.”

He spoke of the Great Awakening in America during the mid-18th Century. “We need some good old-fashioned conviction that exalts the Lord Jesus Christ,” he said. “We do need to talk about heaven, and we do need to talk about hell, and we need some men of God who will not be ashamed of what the Bible says, and, as they moved in that day, we need to see God do it again in the day in which we’re living. It’s not going to happen except the Word of God get exalted once again, and the men of God preach, unreservedly, God’s blessed Book, and when they say Amen or they don’t say Amen, to preach and stand on the Word of God. He said my Word will not return void.

“Schools were built, and character was instilled in boys and girls. And the American Revolution was on its way. Do you know what their main textbook was in those days? The B-i-b-l-e: yes, that’s the book for me. You tell me how far we’ve gone down since we took the Bible out of school. You tell me what harm it could be to tell a little boy and a little girl that they weren’t evolved from some green scum that came out of somewhere, but God created us in His own image, and that they’re special, and God’s got a plan and a purpose for every little boy and every little girl. They used the Bible. It would make a tremendous difference in our nation again if we gave the Bible its proper place in our lives, in our families, in our churches.

“The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence that we have were born out of a spiritual revival. Our government was built and framed on people of character, and the only way that it will be maintained is for people of character standing up again. The Declaration of Independence grew out of a desire for liberty and freedom. America was started in the hearts and the dreams of our founding fathers and put there by God himself. Those Pilgrims on the Mayflower came in 1620, and they came seeking religious liberty.  They wrote something called the Mayflower Compact. It was a covenant that they agreed on, and here are the words: ‘In the name of God, Amen.’ And then they said the expressed purpose for coming to this land was ‘for the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith.’

“And a spiritual awakening -- the only way it is going to occur is that we get back to the freedom that we enjoy that God has given us and that we not live under the tyranny of the enemy, but we declare that we are free in the Lord Jesus Christ. The Declaration said, ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident.’ Do you know what that means - self evident? It means we don’t quiver about it, we don’t argue about it. Listen to what they said. ‘All men are endowed by their Creator.’ What’s wrong with us standing up and saying we believe that we have a Creator, that
man’s not here by accident, but God has created man.

In many schools today, you can’t teach that anymore. You can teach the theory of evolution, but you can’t teach them, ‘In the beginning, God.’ The Bible says God took some dust from the earth and formed man, and God breathed into his nostrils, and man became a living soul. But you can’t teach that in our schools today. The government didn’t give these rights. God gave these rights. It was a declaration of independence from England, but it was declaration of dependence upon the Lord God Almighty.”

Photograph by Karen Brewer, The Christian View magazine

He said that nearly all of our nation’s founding fathers and framers of the United States Constitution were Christians. “James Madison, who was the chief architect and framer of the Constitution, who was the fourth President of the United States of America, said, ‘We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, but according to The Ten Commandments.’ They said that in the earlier days. And now they say, ‘How dare you put The Ten Commandments in the schoolhouse.’ By the way, we ought to stand up against that. We ought to also put them in our houses. It’s all right to get upset when you can’t pray at school, but how about praying at home? What’s wrong with The Ten Commandments? ‘Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not have any other gods before me.’ What’s wrong with teaching boys and girls what the Bible says is right? In fact, our whole legal system in America is based upon the Ten Commandments.

“In 1820, Daniel Webster said, ‘Let us not forget the religious character of our origin. Our fathers sought to incorporate, infuse its influence throughout all her institutions, whether they be civil or political or literary. That is, every institution in America ought to be infused with the spirit of Christianity. But today, we’re told we can’t pray in school, you can’t pray at a ballgame (at least in the name of Jesus), you can’t pray at a graduation.

“Other countries around the world are begging for people to come and tell their boys and girls about Jesus. They let you go into the prisons. They let you go into the schools. They let you go into the governmental offices and preach Jesus all you want to.

“Andrew Jackson said the Bible is the rock upon which our republic rests. The Constitution was woven in the womb of revival. It’s infused with Biblical principles, from beginning to end. If you go to Washington, look at all of the statues. Go to the Supreme Court and look at all of those buildings. I am totally shocked and amazed that they hadn’t been so upset on the other side to say we can’t have that stuff on our walls anymore, we can’t have that on the pillars of our buildings anymore. Because there is scripture up there, and they’re talking about God up there, and I’m amazed they’re still there. And, under God, we’d better pray that it stays there and we get God back in where He ought to be in all of the time.

'“The Bible is the rock upon which our republic rests.' Washington, in his inaugural address in 1789, said, ‘The smiles of heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rule of order and right which heaven itself has ordained.’ George Washington said there’s a right and there’s a wrong. Do you know what he’s saying? There are values. We ought to teach values to our boys and girls. Some things are right, and some things are wrong. Where do we get our values? From the Baptists? From the Methodists? From the Presbyterians? From the Episcopalians? From the Catholics? I’ll tell you where we get right from wrong. We get it right here, based on the Word of God. And, if God says it’s right, it’s right, and, if God’s says it’s wrong, it’s wrong. When all is said and done, this Word is going to abide forever. And, when I stand before him one of these days, I’m going to answer, based on the blessed Word of God. This nation was founded on God’s Word.

“In 1931, the U.S. Congress adopted “The Star-Spangled Banner” as our national anthem. One of the verses says ‘Praise the power that hath made and preserved us a nation. Then conquer we must when our cause it is just. And this be our motto In God Is Our Trust.’

“In 1954, the Congress adopted the phrase ‘under God’, and we added it to The Pledge of Allegiance. That’s what a lot of people don’t like – ‘one nation under God.’ It was adopted by a joint resolution. And then Congress, on our money in 1956, if you look at a coin, if you look at a dollar bill, it says, ‘In God We Trust.’ And America needs to get back to trusting God.

Photograph by Karen Brewer, The Christian View magazine

“I like the kind of music we’ve heard here tonight. Our fathers, and you and I, were raised on songs like ‘Our fathers God to Thee, author of liberty, to thee we sing, Long may our land be bright, with freedom’s holy light, protect us by thy might, great God our king.’ You say America doesn’t have a king. I beg to differ with you. His name is King Jesus. And you didn’t vote him in, and you can’t vote him out, and one day He’s coming to rule and to reign, and you and I will give an answer.

“Today, if we’re not careful, we’re losing our freedom. We need to return to having Christian character again in America.

“The Requirement. Second of all, there is the recognition. In verse 13, he says to submit yourself to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake. There is a principle involved here. A person who is a God-fearing American ought to be a law-abiding American.  The Bible says, ‘Submit yourself to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake.’ He said we ought to honor and pray for those in leadership. He said that every law that does not contradict the law of God, you are to be submissive.

“There is a higher power. In Acts 5, they told Peter and John, ‘You can get out of jail, but you can’t preach anymore in the name of Jesus.’ If you can’t preach in the name of Jesus, you’ve got nothing to preach. And they said, ‘You’ll have to judge, but we’ve got to be obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ.’ They went right back out there and preached Jesus.

“In the book of Exodus, they told those midwives, ‘When those babies come out of the womb, if they’re a little boy, then you kill that little boy.’ But they had a higher calling, and those midwives did not do that.

“’Daniel, you cannot pray anymore.’ But Daniel loved Jesus more than anything else. If we’ve ever needed prayer, we need it in the day in which we live. He threw the windows open, and Daniel prayed, just like he always had prayed. If we ever start praying like the old timers used to pray, we’ll see a difference in America. It doesn’t matter how many churches we build. It doesn’t matter who we elect to office. But, if we get on our knees and get on our faces, and start praying unto a holy God once again, it’s no secret what God can do.

“It was dark in the first awakening. It was dark in the second awakening. It’s dark today, and it’s time we had a third awakening in America and let God move again. The principle involved here. The purpose here. In verse 13, the admonition. He said that’s the will of God. He said do right. You ought to do right if the whole world is doing wrong.

“And then there’s the aftermath. He said, in verse 15, you’ll silence the critics. You might not do it today or tomorrow, but just keep living for Jesus. Just keep standing for Jesus. Just keep loving Jesus. Just keep doing what’s right. And, by what you’ll do, they’ll see the truth in you.

“And then, in verse 16, I see the power. We’re free. Our deliverance. Because of the cross, you and I are free. What am I free from, preacher? I’m free from the condemnation of sin. I’m free from the penalty of the law. ‘The wages of sin is death.’ I was under the sentence of death. The law says I deserve to die. But I’m glad there’s a last part to that verse. ‘The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.’ I’m free from the condemnation of sin. I’m free from the penalty of the law. Based on the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, I can be free from the bondage of the devil.

“I’m free from death’s power. I don’t know if I’m going to die or not. I may get raptured, but, if I do go by the way of the grave, I know somebody’s who’s already taken care of that for me. By the way, He’s the only one that can come back and testify, because He died, but He didn’t stay dead. They were hoping, in hell, that He would stay dead, but He didn’t stay dead, and He came back to life, and He said, ‘Because I live, you too shall live.’ Our deliverance.

Photograph by Karen Brewer, The Christian View magazine

“Then, he talks about our desire. He talks about being a bond slave, and not serving out of fear or dread but serving because I love Jesus. Then he says a third thing, a third mark, is the rule of Christian citizenship. ‘Honor all men, love the brotherhood, fear God, and honor the King.’ Honor all men. What does that mean? That means every man, woman, boy, and girl on the face of this earth is precious to God. Peter had a vision, and God told Peter, ‘Don’t you call anything that I created common or unclean.’ Do you know what He showed Peter? ‘I am so glad that Jesus loves me. Jesus loves me, yes, Jesus loves me. I am so glad that Jesus loves me. Jesus loves even me.’ He loves every man, woman, boy and girl. We’ve got to open our arms. ‘For God so loved the world.’ You grew up like I did. You learned that little song, ‘Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world, red and yellow, black and white, all are precious in his sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.’

“Second of all, He said, ‘Love the brotherhood. That’s the church. Galatians 6:10 says, ‘Do good unto all men but especially those who are of the household of faith.’ You and I are born again children of God. All saved folks are God’s children. Not everybody is God’s child. We are (God’s children) in creation, but, in order to go to heaven, we’ve got to be redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. And, once you get saved, it doesn’t matter where you live, where you come from, what your denominational tag is, if you’ve been saved by grace, if you’ve gone down to the Old Rugged Cross, if you’ve ‘taken a bath in the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ’, then you’re my brother and you’re my sister. You’re a part of the family of God. I’m glad the Bible says, ‘Whosoever will.’ There’s a crowd out there today who believes that God has damned a large segment of the human race and robbed them of redemption, because God didn’t choose them. That’s not what my Bible says. ‘It’s not the will of the Father that’ - how many – ‘not any should perish but all come to repentance and everlasting life.’ Honor all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God.

“The Bible says, ‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.’ Somebody said, ‘It’s not the external danger we ought to be worried about, or the internal danger that we ought to fear, but the eternal danger we ought to fear. Do you know what we need in America once again? A reverence for God. You say, ‘Now, preacher, aren’t there many gods?’ Well, the politically correct answer to give you would be yes. But the biblical answer to give you -- and I’d rather be biblical than politically correct --  the biblical answer, Jesus said, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life, and nobody comes to the Father but by me.’ You say, ‘What about this group?’ I didn’t write it. I’m just telling you what it says. If you want to get there, it’s one road, and it leads right by Calvary, and everybody’s welcomed to go there. He’s never turned anybody away. And all who will come can be washed in the blood of the Lamb. In America, there ought to be a new reverence for God. There ought to be an awe about God. We ought to tell this world, ‘Our God is an awesome God. He reigns in heaven above.’

“Fear God. Honor the King. God says you ought to respect authority. God said you pray for them. You honor them. And, if they’re dealing in a corrupt, evil way, they’re going to answer to somebody that’s going to take care of them one of these days. Do you know what we ought to be praying? God, save them.

Photograph by Karen Brewer, The Christian View magazine

“There are men sitting right here in this building that I know have regular Bible studies, men who are serving in places of leadership in our state, in our county, that take time to pray and read the Word of God. I pray, ‘God, multiply them over and over again.’ I pray that, on the television one day, you and I will have to blink our eyes and shake our heads. ‘Did I hear them say what I thought I heard them say?’ Like our brother said, we’re standing when we ought to be kneeling, and kneeling when we ought to be standing. When we hear some of those in leadership say, ‘I’m telling you, the situation is so desperate that, apart from an intervention from almighty God, there’s no hope for us, let’s get on our knees in the Senate, let’s get on our knees in the House, let’s get on our knees in the White House, and let’s pray and ask God to get us out of the mess that we are in.’ Honor the king.

“When believers obey the principles of the Word of God, it gives credibility to their faith. And the answer to our need tonight is not in the White House and not in the Pentagon and not in the Capitol and not in the State House and not in the school, but in the church house, and the church is still holding this Book up.

“I am part of a denomination that went very, very south years ago. And God began to get ahold of some men who believed this Book was the inspired infallible inerrant Word of God, and they staked their reputations, they staked their ministry, and a movement began, and we began to put leadership once again back in the schools that had gotten corrupt and liberal. What do you mean by liberal? They didn’t believe God’s Word was God’s Word. That’s what I mean. They began a movement. There were right people put in right places. And, folks, if America is going to get turned around, we need more men and women to serve on City Council and County Council, in state government and national government, who won’t be swayed by the people who come in and try to put something in their pocket if they’ll go their way, but men and women who would dare to stand up. I’m going to serve God, whether it be in my home, in my church, or in the Capitol building. I’m going to serve the Lord God Almighty. We need to pray that God would raise up some people that would not be ashamed.”

He spoke of how much of modern television puts down Christianity. “A man said a long time ago, ‘You show me what a nation laughs at, and what a nation weeps over, and I’ll tell you the spiritual condition of that land.’ ‘If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I’ll hear from heaven, and I’ll forgive their sin, and I’ll heal their land’ (II Chronicles 7:14). There’s the people and the potential of revival. If. You don’t have to do what God says. You don’t have to turn back.

“Do you know where the greatest revival in the world is going on right now? In China. They can’t do what we’re doing tonight. They’re meeting ‘underground.’ They’re hiding. But God’s saving them by the tens and hundreds of thousands as they sneak the Word of God in, and as they share God’s Word.

“There’s the potential of revival. There’s the people of revival. Lost people can’t have revival. They’ve never been ‘vived’. But God’s people need revival. There’s the potential and the people of revival. There’s the process of revival. ‘Humble themselves.’ There’s got to be humbleness, and then there’s got to be prayerfulness.

“I’m reading a book. I wouldn’t agree with everything in it, but I’ll tell you the illustration that ‘knocked me off my feet.’ They were having noon-day prayer meetings, as they have for years, and he said, ‘I was kneeling down there at noon one day, and I heard this lady next to me. I really didn’t mean to listen to her prayer, but I was just overcome by what she was praying.’ He said, ‘She began to pray something like this: ‘God, I’m losing my boy. God, if you don’t do something, my boy is gone. God, you know his daddy’s dead. You know he doesn’t have an influence in his life. God, if you don’t do something, there’s no hope for my boy.’ He said, ‘She prayed, and it was so simple and so intense,’ and then, he said, there went silence. He said, ‘I put my hand on her shoulder and began to pray with her about her boy.’ The testimony of that preacher is this: he said, ‘I could tell you story after story of what God has done miraculously in prayer.’

“And folks, it’s time to get desperate. And it’s time to pray once again. He said there’s got to be earnestness. You’ve got to seek his face. And there’s got to be holiness. ‘Turn from your wicked ways.’ You see, in America, we’re so blessed. We want God to bless us, and we want to live any old way we want to live. But God said, ‘I won’t do it.’

“And then there’s the promise of revival. ‘And then I’ll hear from heaven.’ You pastors hear it every week. Your phone rings just like mine: a young teenage boy on drugs, a young girl in jail, all kinds of strife and turmoil. And sometimes, I’ve got to be honest, I feel like I’m just hamstrung. I want to do something, but sometimes you just feel like there’s nothing you can do. But I’m telling you here tonight, there is something we can do. We can start going back to God again, and believe that ‘our God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we could ever think or ask.’

“There will be divine intervention. Oh, we may need a new law. We may need a new bill that’s passed. But I’ll tell you, more than anything else, we need the divine intervention of God. There will be divine absolution. ‘I will forgive your sin.’ How do you know He’ll forgive your sin? Listen to this. Because He said so, that’s why. He said, ‘If you’ll confess your sin, I am faithful and just to forgive you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness.’ If you bring it to the foot of the cross, and you repent of it, in the name of Jesus, He’ll wash you whiter than snow. There will be divine absolution.

“And there will be divine restoration. ‘And I’ll heal your land.’ If you don’t think America’s sick, you can take a little baby in a womb and murder that baby, and they won’t do one thing. They’ll say it really is not a person. We’ve got it all mixed up in America. It’s time that America comes back to God.

Photograph by Karen Brewer, The Christian View magazine

Do you know how we’re going to make America great again? We’re going to make America great again when we let America’s God, the King of kings and Lord of lords, be the God that He is, in America once again.

“The hope of America is in God’s children. And it’s only when we get back to God, and it’s only when we begin to cry out. Exodus says, ‘God heard their cry, and God came down.’ And maybe He’s waiting to come down when we cry out.

“Probably you’re like me. There are a lot of situations you’d like to see God come down and do something in. Maybe tonight, getting around an old-fashioned altar, wouldn’t it be great if revival started in Liberty, South Carolina and spread throughout this whole country? It’s got to start somewhere. It’s got to start in somebody. Why not you? Why not me?

“Lord Jesus, I pray tonight, as we’ve been reminded through song, what a great country that we have. We’ve been reminded of what made us great: men and women who dared to live for you. And in difficult, dark days, they weren’t ashamed that they knew the Lord Jesus Christ. And, Lord, tonight all across this place, we can’t do everything, but everybody here can do something, and that something we can do, we can get together and pray, that God would bring revival in our churches and that God would bring revival in our area and eventually in our nation. God, I pray that it will happen.”

The Inspirations then sang a final song, “I Want to Stroll Over Heaven With You,” and Rev. Danny Parton, Pastor of Arial Baptist Church in Easley, closed the service in prayer.