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On Saturday, January 4, I read the following, by WYFF News 4's Michael Cogdill, which he had written and posted two days earlier, on Thursday, January 2. His January 2 post refers to and includes his previous post, from December of 2015. I  wanted to share his words here.

January 2, 2020

With deep sadness I report the death of Sam Wyche. I had the honor of speaking alongside him at this event. I found him deeply gracious, a gentle strongman, humble as he was legendary. His success ran way up into the NFL. His sights remained set on helping kids achieve their greatness.

Coach Wyche had a life-saving heart transplant in 2016. His cause of death, though, is melanoma. 

It came fast.

This calls each of us to humility, a gracious way with everyone, to use our success as a means to help others find their own.

And get a skin check. Don't ignore it.

Godspeed, coach. Thank you for being the man you were, and the man you remain in the hearts of many.


Honored to speak for The Parenting Place on Friday night, and honored to stand in the presence of superstar coach Sam Wyche. Coach brings Superbowl cred, but a humility and a kindness and a grace far greater than the game of football. Bravo, coach. Thank you for playing along and not knocking me on my !@#.

Some young person is watching each one of us. We need not serve as biological parents to parent. Everyone parents. Our behavior in a checkout line, a restaurant, when we're tired, when we're angry, when we're on top of the world -- these are being scrutinized by someone looking for leadership. Likely a kid, whose biological parents have turned into a letdown. Let us not let down. Let us lift up. Let us leave everyone better than we found them. Every situation. There's music in the striving for such. There is quiet heroism in every one of you.

Peace. Leadership. Thanks, coach!