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Reflections: Remembering Mr. Oliver Nealy

Written by Karen Brewer, Publisher

Remembering Mr. Oliver Nealy, a well-respected man in the Pickens community whose life was honored today.

When I was hired as the Editor of The Pickens Sentinel in July of 1999, Mr. Nealy was serving as Pickens County’s Clerk of Court. I interviewed him and wrote a feature story about him the following year when he retired, after having served in that position for two decades, following his service as the Pickens Police Chief for several years and in the Sheriff’s Office prior to that. He also played on the 1952 Pickens High School Blue Flame football team that won the state championship. I wrote another story in 2002, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of that championship and to interview the former players of that team.

Mr. Nealy also served as the Minster of Music at Secona Baptist Church (where my maternal grandfather’s parents are buried and where I first heard my Pastor preach, when I visited for a revival service on March 4, 2001). Mr. Nealy served as the Minister of Music at Secona for 20 years, after having served as Minister of Music at East Pickens Baptist Church (formerly Pickens Mill Baptist Church) for 11 years. 

Mr. Nealy was such a nice man, and I’m remembering his sweet wife of 62 years, Mrs. Dianne Nealy, and all of their family in the days to come.

Below is a photo I took of Mr. Oliver Nealy and his wife and their daughter at the 2017 Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative Christmas tree-lighting ceremony and a photo I took at the 2018 Blue Ridge Electric Christmas tree-lighting ceremony, of Mr. Nealy shaking hands with the late Sheriff David Stone, another well-respected man our community lost recently who also will be missed.

January 14, 2021