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Reflections: Remembering Dr. Sam Cathey

Written by Karen Brewer, Publisher

March 8 marked the fourth anniversary of the passing of Dr. Sam Cathey. I had known him for a decade before his passing in 2016, and I will remember him as always a kind and encouraging person. I will forever remember him and his wife as a wonderful couple.

I had heard of him before I actually met him, as a first cousin of mine, who lives near Myrtle Beach, had spoken of him, and Dr. Cathey preached at the church where my cousin served as Pastor.

But it was when Dr. Cathey came to Pickens County that I first met him, and I was blessed to hear him preach several times (in special services at my own church and also at other local churches) and to attend, along with mutual friends, a biblical conference that Dr. Cathey led at a local church, where he spoke on the topic of spiritual warfare. 

I interviewed him in 2006, when he and his wife were staying with mutual friends in Easley, at the time The Christian View was in print. I kept in touch with him through the years, and, as other evangelists I’ve interviewed, he was very encouraging about my ministry with this Christian publication and requested that I mail him future issues.

Dr. Cathey began preaching at an early age and served in the ministry for more than 60 years. He told me that, when he was first saved as a young man, he loved going to church. “I was so hungry for the things of God that, when anybody talked about the Bible or Jesus, I was a student. I hungered like you cannot imagine. Any kind of meeting anywhere, I’d go to it. That was all I wanted to do.” He leaves a great legacy in serving God and reaching souls for Jesus. He is missed, but his friends and family are assured of reuniting with him one day in the heaven he preached about and longed for.