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The Pickens County Performing Arts Center

314 West Main Street
Liberty, SC  29657


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*** Entertainment For All ***

*** Inspirational, Educational, and Motivational ***

From Bluegrass and Gospel music and all genres in between, the Pickens County Performing Arts Center is a world-class entertainment venue. The Pickens County Performing Arts Center carries some local history, because it is part of a lovely new complex renovated from what was the high school. This venue, with more than 600 seats, is made to handle a variety of forms of the performing arts in style. New stage lighting, including spotlights and a state-of-the-art sound system, makes each set 'the best seat in the house.' The newly refinished wooden stage, box office, concession area, dressing rooms, and green room have received compliments from performers and visitors alike.

                                                                                                    Saturday, February 29
                                          Show at 10:00 a.m., Exhibition 11 a.m. to noon

This collaborative project between Educational Entertainment LLC, Clemson University and Temple University pairs a musical theatre production with a hands-on science exhibit, including live marine invertebrates, where participants not only see the struggles of marine life in a changing ocean, but also the many people in various arts and sciences careers that are trying to address these issues.  Something Very Fishy empowers young people and their communities to think and act in ways that help to conserve our oceans and all whose lived depend on them (everyone).

A family friendly program, Something Very Fishy was a huge success in 2019 with over 3,000 attendees and we are excited to announce the show is coming back in Spring 2020!

This educational experience includes a musical theater production by award-winning children’s writer Kathy Prosser and a marine invertebrate touch tank exhibit presented by Clemson University.  Featuring original music and a cast of professional actors and puppets, the story follows the lives of Sandy Carson, a young science major conducting coral transplanting research and Mr. Stu Pidder, a local fisherman just trying to get by. Below the surface Boss the Great White Shark and his friends are wondering why marine life is disappearing and curious objects keep arriving. The story highlights how what we do above the surface impacts life below, and ways we can all help to sustain and improve our fragile environment.

After the show, come roll up your sleeves and meet more stars beneath the waves as Clemson University Creative Inquiry students share a menagerie of live marine animals and stories of their research adventures in the Florida Keys. Pet a sea urchin, thumb wrestle a crab, and go on a virtual dive to an amazing coral reef.

In the 2 weeks leading up to this one and only public performance, we anticipate over 4,500 students from local schools will have participated in this unique Educational Entertainment event.  While the primary purpose of the program is to educate elementary students and inspire them to consider career pathways in STEAM fields, the messages are universal and this event will delight and engage people of all ages.