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The Christian View magazine is a reader-supported, faith-based ministry of Christian journalism, whose founder, owner, and Publisher, Karen Brewer, is a Pickens County native who served for several years as the Editor of one of Pickens County's newspapers. A respected and trusted journalist, she received awards from the South Carolina Press Association for news reporting and for feature writing. (As a newspaper Editor, she wrote several hundred news and feature stories each year and reported on government (city councils and mayors, county council, state and national government), education (the school district and school board; 24 elementary, middle, and high schools; and local universities), law enforcement and crime, court cases and trials, local museums and historic sites,  news about veterans in the local American Legion, news about churches, about non-profit organizations, local events, local citizen profiles, sports features, and more. While a newspaper Editor, she also worked as a stringer for the Associated Press, was published in The South Carolina Baptist Convention's state publication, The Baptist Courier, and wrote several historical and tourism articles about Pickens County, published in several issues of Sandlapper: The Magazine of South Carolina.) She earned a Master of Arts degree in English (American and British Literature) from Clemson University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Liberal Arts, with a major in English (Literature) and a minor in Journalism. from Clemson University. (While an undergraduate student at Clemson, from age 18 to age 21, she worked for three years as a student writer for Clemson University Media Relations (writing press releases for the university, writing for the university's Clemson World magazine, and writing a television commercial for the university), and she was a staff writer for The Tiger student newspaper, and she wrote about Clemson University for The Clemson Messenger newspaper.) She has served on the South Carolina Baptist Convention's Resolutions Committee with Pastors from across the state.

Originally published as a quarterly publication, and printed by the respected Hiott Printing Company in Pickens, South Carolina, The Christian View magazine is now a completely digital magazine, allowing for more space for more in-depth articles and more photography, as well as allowing for articles to be published more frequently.

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